IT Services

Designed for convenience and quality.

Drop-Off Diagnosis


  • Bring your MAC or PC and our technicians will spend up to 15 minutes assessing the computer and provide an estimate for repairs

On-site Visit

$50 /

  • Have a technician come out to your home or place of business and spend up to 15 minutes assessing the problems

Virus Removal

$120 /

  • Virus, Trojans, & Malware Removal. Get some piece of mind with a clean computer.

Computer Tune-Up

$120 /

  • Computers can begin to run a little slow, we will check the system then get it going fast!

Computer Upgrade

$120 /

  • You CAN teach an old dog new tricks, Let us make your old PC or MAC faster than ever with new parts!

Network Setup

$149 /

  • Need better Wifi? Have all devices in your home or office communicate and access the internet.

Laptop Repair

$149 /

  • Broken screen? Busted Keyboard? Loose Power cable? Bring it in broken and pick it up fixed. Like Magic!

MacBook & iMac Repair

$200 /

  • Unfortunately Apple devices can break too, why replace them when we can fix them.

Data Recovery

$250 /

  • Sometimes you haven’t lost it all. Let Au Technology Solutions save you and your data!